Christmas items

Christmas is still 2 month.s away now, but when you are a creative person you deal with Christmas all year round. My sister hasn.t been doing a lot of creative things the last couple of months, but now she is coming back and how..........................

For years we made Christmas ornaments together, but the last two years we hardly had time to do these kind of things together and also the painting virus took all my spare free time.

But oh, how I love this star ornament. I.m so proud of my sister. Go visit her blogs

Halloween pumpkin

My first Halloween pumpkin made for a party with friends tomorrow.


Cupcake art

Chocolate cupcake by artist Michael Naples
If you like to see more cupcake painting go to Daily painters website

Eatable Art of Nanda Palmieri

baby.s and cupcakes part 2

From Etsy this adorable baby cupcake for sale
Not the baby ofcourse, but the hat

If you are looking for a lookalike pattern I found one here

How many cupcakes can you find? These at sugar plumtree

pink babyshoes Tiny Toetsies

So sweet, I can hardly wait till my daughter will give birth to my second grandchild. So now I.m allowed to surf over internet for the cutest stuff. Found these cuties at Tiny Toetsies

Or will it be these little ones from jellybabys. Designed by British Footwear Designer, are handmade in England with materials sourced from the UK.



Sandra Evertson

Some creative blogs I love to visit over and over again. One of those blogs I visited today. In her profile Sandra Evertson writes: There was a single specific moment in time when it struck me, " I just might be an artist!" And I must admit it was quite a relief for me. This explains everything, it all makes perfect sense now!
And indeed, she really is an artist pur sang. Go visit her blog and read her version of the amazing Grimm storys. You won.t regret it.


Casseroles Le Creuset

Cooking is fun to do, especially when you have time, but these cute casseroles makes cooking even more fun to do. Found at Amazon.com


Donna May Robinson

Another website worth visiting of Donna May Robinson. Look for yourself.

Suzanne Urban of Smirkin Goddess Studio

Needle felt creations that are amazing beautifull on the blog of Suzanne Urban. Not only felt, but also very special paintings/prints.

My Prides Marijke, Beau and ??????

Blog of Duda Deze

Diana Duda.s blog Duda Deze is a very lovely blog with sweet paintings. Also for her blogger friends this lovely card.

Pretty doll

Always looking for nice and for me new blogs on the internet. This doll is from
Cotton Pickin Ranch by Karen D. Millstein.


Johanna Parker Design and Halloween

Johanna Parker, creator and maker of one-of-a-kind papermache pieces of art. I have visited her site now for years, but still keep coming back.

More halloween...

These cute painting is from Tascha, an artist from Toronto Canada which I admire for some time for her paintings. On Flickr you can see all of her work.

Halloween is coming.................

How cute are these Halloween prints. Especially the one of Humpty Dumpty looks so nice.

Grim Prim Studio is home to grinning black cats, dancing witches, strange creatures on mysterious errands, all of them part of the eerie and unique Halloween folk art by contemporary folk artist D. A. Sweigart!


Cats and frogs

Our dear friends Ron and Harma have a cat named Harry. Harma collects frogs and so I think this is a marvelous combination.

I found this Japanese site were you can buy all kind of outfits for your cat.

They also ask you only to use the clothes to take special photo.s and then remove the clothes from the cat. They then will hate you for the rest of your life.

Victorian Punch and Judy print

On this site more of wonderful Victorian prints

Punch and Judy

I love this Punch and Judy theatre. This is a free download example.


Grandparents and baby.s

After searching on the internet for Halloween idea.s I just kept thinking of cupcakes. What a wonderfull pictures you can find. So different from the Halloween things.

In a couple of weeks I will become grandmother for the second time. I hardly can wait to hold that little wonder in my arms. That.s why I.m looking for idea.s to make some presents for my daughter. It.s that I.m to old to have baby.s, otherwise...........................



These lovely cupcakes found on http://lollishops.wordpress.com/

So different then I was looking for. Me and my partner were invited for a Halloweenparty and for it.s my first time to visit such a party I was looking around for idea.s.