Staying for the night with Grandma and Grandpa

For my parents are building me my own sleepingroom I have to stay over for the night with my grandparents. And they are so excited!!!!!!!! My mammy brought me and all of my stuff today.
Yes, just having fun and going to bed later than at home I heard from my sister Beau, hahahaha.
Next week Beau and I are going to sleep at grandma.s place together. Jippieeeeeee

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Yvonne Zomerdijk, Dutch painter

Yvonne Zomerdijk, painter of beautiful acryl paintings that make you smile.
Take a look at her site to see the most lovely paintings, cards etc.


Little bears

Cute bears for cute little babys, hopefully the babys will like this paintings like I do.
It.s so fun to paint this kind of paintings. With acrylic.

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Susie MacMahon dolls

Susie McMahon instruction for dollmaking 25 pics - Follow her step-by-step instructions for making a doll using her techniques.

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New faeries of Kat Soto

The New Kat Soto Faeries have arrived and are up at Shreve & Company. The beneficiary this Spring season is The Mbinga Children's Organization providing schools, shelter, food and clothing for children orphaned by AIDS in Tanzania. The price of each Fairy is $800.00 during the event from March 16th to April 23rd and $1,200.00 thereafter. Each Fairy will come mounted on an ostrich egg in a twig nest. Each handpainted, Artist original fairy is signed, numbered and limited to this collection of nine pieces. Posted by Picasa


Kleine Jan