Sandra Evertson

Isn.t this lovely? Also to be seeing on Sandra Evertson.s blog.

Her profile: She has currentlly working as a contributor for Romantic Homes Magazine, a Directors Circle Artist for Somerset Studio Magazine, and contribute regularly to all of Stampington & Company's various publications. She has authored several books including Fanciful Paper Projects and the most recent, Fanciful Paper Flowers. And this year Stampington & Company has just released her first two rubber stamp lines.

She really is an amazing creative person.

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men
couldn.t put Humpty Dumpty together again

So cute, these collection of Humpty Dumptys made by Sandra Evertson. She has been fascinated with all things Humpty Dumpty her whole life and so am I. It.s also on my list to create my own Humpty Dumpty. Go and visit her blog to see all the other things she creates.


87 years old and stil going strong!

My dad is now 87 years old and still intrested in internet. He just started with his own blog and likes it very much. I am very proud of what he is doing. He wants to add photo.s of all the cars he has driven in over the past years and write abouth his life. I am looking forward to the result.
Dad, go for it....



My sister Marjon is creative in all kind of art. This silkpainting is one of my favorites. More of these silkpaintings on her blog.

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My own Fernando Botero diary

A few years ago I was given a diary with paintings of Fernando Botero. Today, I like the paintings even more.


Fernando Botero

Last year me and my partner had a holiday in Germany. The first week we stayed in Goslar, a very beautifull old town in the area Harz. Walking through the streets of Goslar we suddenly stood for two lovely statues. Because I love the paintings and sculptures of Fernando Botero I knew at the same time that these two sculptures belonged to Botero.
It made my day.

Botero, born as the son of a Colombian travelling salesman was trained as a matador from the age of twelve. The bullfighting ring was his inspiration to his early drawings. After his study in Madrid at the Academia San Fernando and the Prado-Museum Botero went to Italy where he began studying art history in Florence in 1953. Two years later he returned to Columbia , moved to Mexico in 1956 and settled in New York in 1960. Here he was awarded the Guggenheim National Prize for Columbia. Botero's very refined paintings show grotesquely fat beings, monsters, unable to move, with gigantic heads, which represent the degenerate colonial bourgeoisie in his country. He developed a naïve, almost child-like figurative style in the 1950s, which is associated with the New York Pop-Art. Botero's highly valued works are technically perfect and have pale colours. He lives and works in New York and Paris.

Friday, 17th of august 2007

"Life's A Beach"
This week new at American Folk Art made by Elaine Thomas.
Elaine creates artwork you have to see.
She makes unique, one of a kind pieces, in a whimsical folk art style and in several mediums. Elaine has also designed a special line of pieces that have been licensed by a leading manufacturer of gift and home décor products. These licensed designs can be found in many retail and specialty shops around the country. Additionally, several of her designs have also been featured in home decorating and craft publications


Sister Art

Every day I take a look of my sisters blog to see if she added new items to her blog. And yes, today I found this lovely doll, called Magnolia.

Kat Soto

Allways surfing on internet for prints of the Commedia dell.arte I found the site of Kat Soto, a site with lovely figurines based on Fairytales and Commedia del.arte.

Commedia dell.Arte Pantalone

The figurines from Comedia dell.Arte keeps intresting me. On the Site of Kat Soto you can also find some based on the figurines from Commedia dell.Arte. For some years I received the most lovely present in years from my dear sister Marjon. The book Figures from Commedia dell.Arte translated into Dutch from an original titled book Maschere della Commedia dell árte by Gianfresco Malipiero. In this book discriptions of the masked figures. But the most intresting at this books are his reproductions of drawings of Maurice Sand.


Julie Paschkis

I love Christmas and normally this time of the year I am already very busy creating new items.

Internet is a very nice media to look for inspiration. Looking for the item Nutcracker I came on the site of Julie Paschkis, an illustrator of books. She illustrated the book THE NUTCRACKER by E.T.A. Hoffmann, Chronicle Books, 2001.
Also she has lovely Liberty Notes and these cards are a way for Julie to raise money for good organizations. All proceeds from the Liberty Notes will go to benefit the ACLU.

Chomick and Meder

Chomick and Meder, a marvellous site, not for just one visit, but to return again and again. There is so much to see. Dolls, automata, illustrations and graphic art. Also a lot of fun links to go.

Kresta King Cutcher

Kresta King Cutcher, American born photographer currently studying for a masters of photography at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, UK. Kresta's passion is people, and her photography supports humanitarian organizations such as Sisters of Rwanda, CARE, UNICEF, The United States Holocaust Museum, The United Nations, and The International Children's Aid Network. Kresta's work is included in the touring youth curated exhibition, "We Said Never Again: The Silent Voices of Rwanda" (Markham Museum, Ontario, and McGill University, Montreal).At present, Kresta is working on a personal project that explores Faith.

You can see her work Flickr under the name Camera_Rwanda

She is the one who inspired me to start painting oilportrets.

Sister Rose from Rwanda

Sister Rose. I made this painting from a photo made by Kresta King Cutcher. See also the website of Sisters of Rwanda. So many work is still to been done overthere.

Foto made by Kresta King Cutcher and with her permission I used the photo to make this painting.

More paintings...

My Partner

My oil paintings...

Mysterieus eyes..

A spanish lady with such a friendly face

A painting of my lovely granddaughter when she was almost 1 year old.

My own little studio

Behind this I create.....

And her I can relax

After two very busy days a little bit of relaxation in my own room. I made a few pictures of my surrounding at the moment, the place where I can relax, inspire myself en create.


Alice in Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorite Fairytales. So I created these two figures .
They are made of cotton, clay and other materials and painted with acrylic paint.
It gives so much fun to create them. Days should have 48 hours for me.

Creations of Elaine Thomas

Elaine Thomas makes creations in a whimsical folk art style and I love them. Her creations can be found at her lovely website Alfabet Studio . I also visited her blog Artful-Spirit wer on the 13th of august will be shown new items. So please go and visite her site and blog.
This picture shows one of her creations I adore.


Blog of my sister Marjon

My sister Marjon Stey loves to create all her life and has made lovely things. This week she started her own blog to show others also her world of creations. I adore her dolls and silkpaintings.
She is the one who inspired me the last 4 years.
And I not only adore her creations, but also herself. She is my greatest friend.


Ima Naroditskaya

Af en toe heb je het geluk een site tegen te komen die prachtig is van opbouw, maar waar ook nog eens prachtige creaties opstaan. De onderstaande foto is van de site van Ima Naroditskaya, een site die een bezoek meer dan waard is.

Mooie site om te bezoeken

Ima Naroditskaya dolls are worth visiting her dollsite


My daughter wanted a Buddha oilpainting for her livingroom I made her 2 in her own selected colour. But the brown one I made for myself.
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Oeps, hartediefje is er ook bij......

Morgen een dagje strand?????

Samen met zijn tweelingbroer neemt hij een duik aan het strand bij IJmuiden