Crocheted animals

Crocheted cuties I found in a shop.

Holiday in Denmark on the island Langeland

After two years staying at home we took a holiday in Denmark for two weeks. We booked a holidayhouse at the island Langeland. A beautiful island were we had such a beautiful time that we have decided to go back there next year. The house was lovely with a big garden and less then 100 mtrs. from the sea. During our holiday we have been looking for nice places to stay next year and yes we found a place with a wauw factor. Doesn.t look cute?


Maggie Taylor and Alice in Wonderland

Once and a while you find intresting and for me new websites. Today I found the website of Maggie Taylor and her lovely digital images/prints. A website worth visiting. http://www.maggietaylor.com/flash.html



Long time ago I wrote on my blog. It.s was a very busy time for me but the last two weeks me and me partner spend a holiday in Denmark on the Island Langeland. It were two wonderfull weeks in which we walked, bycked and enjoyed the wonderfull natur. On our way to our holidayhouse we drove through Germany and took the ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby in Denmark. From there we drove to Tars and again took a ferry to Spodsberg. And from there we were amazed of the beauty of our place to be for the coming two weeks. At first we had to get the keys from the Novasol Agency in Rudkobing. Very nice people wo helped us there. We were one hour to early for the key so we spend this time to walk through Rudkobing.

On our tour through Rudkoning we found this lovely shop.
Website: www.galleri-lang-sommer.dk
The lady inside gave me also an adress: http://www.filtning.dk were you can find the most lovely creatures made of felt.

The website for the paintings I adore from Susanne Strange: http://www.susanne-strange.com.

When I was home and look at this internetadresses myself I found out that the lady in the shop who helped me was Susanne Strange herself. Susanne again my compliments for the lovely paintings and also the other stuff.