Even snel nieuwe kussens

Vanmorgen even snel nieuwe kussens erbij gemaakt. Het is zo ontzettend leuk om te doen, dat ook dit weer verslavend gaat werken. Oh, waarom gaat de tijd zo snel.


Hop Hop Jingle Boo, Debra Schoch

Our new table or our 2 new tables

Barend made me a lovely table for my working space from old wood. Didn.t he do a great job?
Also for the shop of my friend Anja of  (SaenCrea@) he will make 2 of these. So Barend and me are very busy creating all kind of things.

Crochetting, crochet, crochet and again crochet..........................

It was a wonderfull weekend and together with my friend Anja and our partners we had a lovely friday at Voorthuizen. The weather was lovely, so we had the feeling of a holiday. The reactions were great.