Party of the year 1969

My son in law had his birthday on saturday and for he is born in 1969 every gast was invited to dress like we did that year. Here are the results of a lovely evening.


Do I like eating what grandma cooked?????

Mammy know.s how grandma.s cooking taste and she is smiling..................................




Yesterday we had our grandparentsday with Beau and Jan. . Beau received her winterclothes that her mother had ordered for her and inspite of the warmth she had to put them on. Jan had that special smile on his face, normally he smiles that way just before he pulls of your glasses or pull your hair.



Janet and Ann Graham Johnstone

My greatest treasure I bought a couple of years ago in an old bookstore. Dean.s giftbook of nursery rhymes with drawings of Janet and Graham Johnstone. Still I.m addicted to old childrenbooks and I like to visit fleamarkets to find new treasures.



No painting today, but instead two jewels......

Today and tomorrow Beau and Jan staying with their grandparents. Beau, uncle Martijn en grandpa Barend were out crab fishing. And afterwards, yes then you are tired.


Holiday feeling in our own IJmuiden

In summer we don.t have to go away for a holiday for our town is so beautiful to be in summer. Beach, dunes, sitting on a terras in the early evening and see the sun go down.... what more can you want.
It.s nice to make a painting of our place...but still in progress