New painting

Today I started a new painting. It.s not finished yet, but there is a beginning again. I love paintings the eyes. That.s when a portrait starts living for me. Now the paint has to dry a bit and then I can work on it again. Is.t she adorable. It breaks your heart to know that she is an orphan. And there are so many of them.
Children without a future. Next year I hope to be able to paint a lot of portraits and then organize an exhibition. Then I hope to sell a lot of my paintings and a part of the money I will donate to an organization who can help to give these children hope and a better future.




Kat Soto and her new creations

Kat Soto for me is a very inspiring artist. Her dolls are so perfectly made. I received an email from her that se added new items to her website. Her website is really worth visiting.


Blogger Friends

Tonight I received an email from one of my bloggerfriends. Her blog is one of the blogs I visit almost every week. It.s so nice to find out how creative friends are living and thinking abouth life. Shelby has a new post abouth Christmas and wants all of her bloggerfriends to link to this post. Ofcourse I will do that. For my heart also goes out to those in the world who are not so lucky to live the way we are able to. Ofcourse we have to think of them all year round, but to start with Christmas is a beginning. So visit Shelby ( keeper of the chocolates) blog and read her latest post.

Our Sint Nicolas party!!

We had a great Sint Nicolas party on wednesdaynight. The pictures shows you how we celibrate the fifth of decembre. And yes, I now have my choclatletter C.