Step by step....

Is not ready yet, but it.s getting better step by step

Lovely art for childrenrooms

Today I visited a creative market. Always nice to wander and look what other creative people shows. Marjolijn Colijn makes beautiful paintings for childrenrooms. And believe me, they look even much nicer in real then on her blog. She started painting 2 years ago and there is now a lot of intrest from all over the world for her art. She is worth it, the paintings give you a happy feeling and are nice presents to give away.




second stage of painting

Every stap it will look better! I hope


New painting

This morning I came out of bed to early. Was thinking it was time to go to work, but I was wrong. So I had extra time to do some painting. I started this portrait. It is in a very early stage.
After work it took me two and a half hours to come home. There was so many traffic, brrrr
My friend had diner ready, so I could work tonight at this painting. The Chevy has to wait again.


Chevrolet (CHEVY) 1953

Next project: Finishing my painting of a Chevrolet 1953

I never went to Cuba, but since internet I can imagine how that country looks like. Especially I love the pictures with the old Cuban taxi.s. How in the world were they able to collect all these beautifull old memories of cars. But I love them for the way they still caring for these cars.
Otherwise all those cars have.nt been excisting anymore. This painting of a Chevrolet of 1953 I started half a year ago. I did not paint the last 6 months, but now, after my surgery, I started again and yes, I still love it. Backgrounds are not my piece of cake, but I have to praxis over and over again to also enjoy painting backgrounds. There is still so much to learn. But these lessons I like, it only costs time.

Old toys

This cute toy was found back in a box at the attic. He now has his own place in my room, so I can watch it every day. It must be fifty years old. Just love the piece.

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Herman Brood finished

Nice feeling to finish the painting of Herman Brood. Put my name on it and ready. In a couple of months adding a little varnish and than he can decorate someones wall. Where, I don.t no yet. And now up to a new painting....

Almost ready Herman Brood

I just have to add a vieuw details to this painting. I.m looking forward to start a new painting after I finished this one. There are so many nice faces to paint.


This was Herman Brood for today!

Punch likes Herman Brood painting

Punch is a little bit jealous, he still has some missings at his body, but he likes watching me painting. Still a lot of work te be doing, but the beginning is here.
Don.t think the eyes are wrong, Herman squinted.

New painting of Herman Brood

It.s a few months ago that I have beeing painting. Today I started again with a portrait of a very famous Dutch Artist/singer who died in 2001. Herman Brood, a dutch legend. It.s a very intresting face to paint.


Clown, by my sister Marjon

I.m impressed how my sister is able to create all kind of figurines. Her latest creation is of Joseph Grimaldi, the famous clown. He is made of viscose and painted with acryl. It.s so nice to see how a piece of viscose can become a lovely doll. Go visit her blog to see her other creations.
Marjon, I.m proud of you.


Alice in Wonderland

What a lovely drawings of Alice in Wonderland made by the twins Janet and Anne Grahame Johnston. Always searching in secondhand bookstores for books with nursery rhymes and fairytales. The drawings brings back memories to my childhood and gives me a lot of inspiration to create. Just looking at the drawings gives me fun.

Nursery Rhymes and Humpty Dumpty

Today I found my old Nursery Rhymes book back after I had moved in with my friend.

It.s a 42 year old book I bought in a secondhand bookstore. Illustrations by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone. The twin sisters Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone were born June 1, 1928. Janet died in 1979 and Anne died in 1998.