Diner at the beach

After taking care of our grandson for two days we treated ourselves with a diner at the beach. It seems the wetter is not so nice, but the temperature was fine for me.

Staying the night at my grandparents house

My moms and dads holiday is over now and they had to work again. Grandma Carla and Grandpa Barend are looking after me for two days and yes that.s like a party. I can stay up late, eat everything I like, pull the cats tail and with my weth cookie I make everything dirty. And when I pretend to cry they take me on their arm en kiss me, brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Very bad influenze


Marlijn Poppendijn

Now for two years ago I saw Marlijn and her paintings at a exhibition. And then you know at once, this is great and we will hear from her more. Marlijn makes the most wonderfull paintings for childrenrooms now for a couple of years. Now she also creates dolls, cards and homedecorations like bedstuff. Also she has a webshop and her own blog now (in dutch). Her blog Marlijn poppendijn and her webshop Marlijn poppendijn

New painting first stage


Portraitpainting again , in progress......

I haven.t been painting portraits for a year now. But since a week I have started again, yeahh