Our house

Corner of our little garden.

Can you imagine how this will look at Christmas. I cann.t wait till we can decorate this. In our room with have two of this.

The party of Saint Nicolas

Today Beau is going to THE party of the year. The big party of Saint Nicolas. She was so excited. She is gone ask him if her grandmother can recieve a choclat letter. I have to put my shoe by the chimney and sing some songs. Ofcourse I know a lot of them. I will do this evening. The fifth of december we will have our party at my daughters place. So now we have to buy little gifts, create some poems with it and make some surpriseboxes. With children this is so lovely.


Tableware and how you can also use it.......

On a show a couple of weeks ago I found this great creative stuff. Birds made of spoons, knives and forks. Can you believe it. The picture is not so well made, but you get an idea what this creative person did with it.

Saint Nicolas and Christmas

The Christmasfeeling has started late this year for me. For several years my sister and I made christmas ornaments and dolls and then before Christmas we joined a Christmasfair somewhere to sell our stuff. It was.nt always easy, for we live not so close to each other. Internet connected us. What are you making now? And then hup a photo with MSN. This year we didn.t create together att all. I really miss it. The first Christmasvisits has planned now and now I can look through all (many) cookingbooks. I love that. Sitting on the couch with all my books, hot chocolate and a little cream on top. I love it when people come over to my house. I.m so blessed with a lovely partner. He enjoyes Christmas also. But at first there is Saint Nicolaas at the fifth of december this nice, very old, men has his birthday. In Holland the children receive then present instead of given them to him ( like Christmas). Together with his helpers he rides on his white horse with black spots and brings the present in the night. I love this time when children are small. Yeasterday he came through our street. We live near the harbour and he comes by boat from spain. A steamboat. As soon as he has arrived in Holland the children can put one of their shoes at the chimney. With an apple for the horse and a drawing and wishlist for the Saint Nicolaas. I love this time of winter, especially now when I have my granddaughter who still really believes in Saint Nicolaas.



Living by the sea sometimes you have a hitchhiker, not in your car, but on top of it.


Weekend!!!! Time to paint.....

I.m so happy. Weekend again. I picked up my granddaughter from school and she will stay over for a night here. Beau also enjoyes drawing and painting, so now we both are painting in my room. This little boy is from a picture from the Carf site.


My sister did it again....

My sister Marjon again made some wonderfull dolls.


My two prides: Marijke and Beau

This painting a gave away to my daughter. I never made a picture of it, but today we went visiting her and ofcourse.... a picture now. It was painted half a year ago.


My little dutch granddaughter

Looking for pictures I found this picture of my granddaughter 3 years ago. We went to a Dutch museum called Zuiderzeemuseum. Children can dress in original dutch clothes and play with old toys. It.s really worth visiting.

Painting...... my passion

One year ago I didn.t know I would ever like or could paint. Now I.m addicted to it. It.s my passion.

Still have to learn a lot abouth mixing colours and other techniques. Now I know that I like painting portraits the most. For I have a job for 5 days a week, painting I have to do in my spare time. My partner is so sweet, never complains when I.m sitting in my room and paint, he brings me coffee, makes dinner and stimulates me to keep on painting. He is the best.