Party of the year 1969

My son in law had his birthday on saturday and for he is born in 1969 every gast was invited to dress like we did that year. Here are the results of a lovely evening.

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Bone*Head*Studios zei

What FUN!!!! Everyone looks as if they are having a grand time!!!

tropicalmalibu zei

This theme is just lovely. It looks like you lot had a great time.

Looks fun!!

Cestandrea zei

What a happy gathering, ...should I believe you had blue or pink hair in 69? No, :):) I'm smiling:)
much love
PS had to come and have a look at what you are up to these days.
I'm not so present in blogland right now cause I plan to make a new blog about my life in Paris, Paris illustration, everything about Paris, just wanted to let you know/° Will take some time but I'll check in here and let you know when it's done.
have a great time with your grandchildren, and painting too!